Peak Cavern Vestibule - Ann Soulsby

Sunday, 3 January, 2016

Present: Jim Lister & Ann Soulsby

Arrived at the Chapel fully intending to be on the computer all day but was surprised to find Jim there. He was planning on bolting up to the Krypton Series and de-rigging his ropes currently in situ to the hole above Swinehole and Fortress of Solitude. He was happy to have me join him and I was over the moon with the prospect of a good trip with the added bonus of time to go on the computer in the afternoon. Jim drove up to the Peak Cavern car park with his van leaving me to get changed at the Chapel and walk up. When I arrived he was sorting out his equipment by the streamway. I went down to join him and he persuaded me to have a go at drilling the holes for his bolts at the start of his route up to the Krypton Series.

Once this was done I decided to have a play on Jim's ropes while he carried on bolting. I first went up the rope on the Hole above Swinehole. This was a straight rope which I intended on going up and down a few times just for some exercise. When I got to the top however there was a very interesting but awkward traverse around to the right. It didn't go very far and I was going to chicken out but my interest had been aroused and I wanted to conquer it. It was as awkward as it looked but a great sense of achievement when I managed it. The next challenge was the Fortress of Solitude route on which I managed to get myself in a tangle two or three times. Typical when in full view of all the tourists but luckily they didn't know that I was in a tangle. All in all it was really good practice and good exercise.

When I got down Jim had packed in climbing and was in the process of de-rigging the Hole above Swinehole. This took longer than he thought so he had to leave Fortress of Solitude rigged. We retreated back to the Chapel for cups of tea before Jim had to leave to get some rest before his night shift