Peak Cavern - Far Sump Series

As part of the forthcoming “Clean Up Peak” weekend, Ann had a suggestion from Wayne that all the old digging gear should be removed from Maypole Inlet, and, last Wednesday, while on a working trip in Peak Cavern to restock and relocate the emergency dump at Watershed Aven, Ann suggested that we might have a look up Maypole Inlet the following Saturday.

Just a few notes about the Nicola 3 tests which were carried out on Sunday - this isn't the offical report, just the impressions from one of the helpers. For those of you unaware, there really are radios which are capable of transmitting through rock and earth, and they have been in existence since World War 1 when they were used to talk between trenches. DCRO uses a version called the Heyphone with varying degrees of success - they work well enough for us to persevere with them!