Peak Cavern - Moss Chamber

Sunday February 22 was set as the date for Clive's photographic expedition into Moss Chamber. Before heading off for a diving trip in France, he asked me to get "some of the usual suspects" to come along and assist. Well, the day dawned cold, and, with a largish group of DCC and MUSC cavers, destined for a whizz around the tourist trip (or an exploratory trip up EMT Aven for some), we entered Peak Cavern and ambled along towards the Upper Gallery.

Present: Ann Soulsby, Alan Brentnall, Gordon Riley, Sam Hough and Richard Sore

As Sam is still waiting for his SRT training we needed a good non ropework trip before the barbie. As I always enjoy a trip to Moss Chamber we opted for this. Alan and I were also joined by Richard who is looking for a Peak District club and Gordon. We set off bright and early heading off through the showcave and down the slide. Water levels were very low as we travelled along the streamway towards the Wallows and Mucky Duck.