Giants Hole - Ann Soulsby

Saturday, 4 July, 2015

Present: Ann Soulsby, Alastair Gott, Brendon Ford

Alastair was keen to go and recce the sump at North Rift and Brendon one of our newest members was keen to get underground once again. He had caved previously but not for a long time and as he had not got SRT kit we took a ladder and lifeline. This was good practice for Alastair for both rigging, lifelining and navigation. Once we had got Brendon safely down Garlands Alastair lead down the Crabwalk. Just before the Eating House we detoured to the sump at North Rift. This took a bit of exploration as we were not sure exactly where it was. After a couple of mistakes I found the correct passage and we had a look at the sump.

We backtracked to the Eating House and I let Alastair lead but put him right when he went wrong. We had a quick look at Poached Egg Passage and then made our way to the Giants Windpipe. Brendon was a bit dubious about this but he managed it with no problem. We dropped back down into the Crabwalk after the traverse and headed back to Garlands. Alastair lifelined Brendon up the pitch and then we derigged and exited to a lovely warm Summer's afternoon.