Titan Re-opened - Ann Soulsby

Thursday, 24 March, 2016

Present: Ann Soulsby, Roy Rodgers & Mark Richards

Roy contacted me last week to ask if I wanted to accompany him on a Titan trip for Mark who he had met at the YSS. The original plan was to complete a through trip but after reports of the state of the cow-arse worms we both decided to try and persuade him to ascend Titan. His friends however decided that a Peak trip was preferable so I arranged this and we set off to Titan with Mark.

This was our first trip to the bottom in well over a year – would we still be able to prussick up...? The weather was set to deteriorate throughout the day so I packed my caving coat and gloves together with the ropes. We were soon headed off to the entrance which Roy rigged. Mark followed him down and I brought up the rear. Mark was absolutely fascinated looking over the Breakthrough Window to the Event Horizon, He was however less than impressed with the single bolt before the last Y hang. I must admit that it had never bothered me before but now I would be happier adding a bolt to create a Y hang. Although we back up to the rope if the bolt did go there would be too much stretch for it to be effective.

At the bottom we sat and chatted for a while and had a bite to eat. We decided to let Mark de-rig whilst Roy and I carried the ropes out. Roy went up first and I followed. I waited at the Event Horizon for the rope bag whilst Roy headed up to the Breakthrough Window. I followed with the rope while Mark de-rigged. I carried straight on up the entrance pitch and Roy waited to help Mark. As it was rainy and windy I headed straight back to the van and sorted the rope out. By the time this was done Roy and Mark were back. Headed back to Castleton for a well-earned cuppa and a shower.