SRT Training (Chapel)/Eldon Hole - Ann Soulsby

Sunday, 17 February, 2013

SRT Training – Chapel – Saturday 16 February 2013
Ann Soulsby, Lisa Wootton, Martyn Grayson, Jess Eades, Irene Healey, David Steward, Simon Mee, Mark Rushton, Colum Walsh, John Geeson, Fatima Olivera, John Roberts, Gordon Riley, Pete Scott, Tony Seddon, Michelle Ping, Scott Bradley, Cara Allinson, Alan Brentnall, Dave Jackson & Andy Keen

What an excellent day and a brilliant turnout. The weather behaved itself very cold but pleasantly sunny. The trees were mainly rigged by Scott with a colander as an helmet…

The group quickly split into two sections with Colum leading on the inside and Simon on the outside. Lisa was flitting around taking photos. Martyn and Jess were busy in the kitchen and I took the time to get the Masson ropes coiled up and catch up on chatting.

The soup went down a treat once Jess got back with the bread. After dinner everyone got down to more practice with encouragement from the more experienced members. Well done to Irene who managed to prussic up a rope once fitted with a suitable harness.

Later on in the afternoon the Notts Uni lads arrived back from caving and had a practice on the ropes rigged in the trees and kindly de-rigged them for us.

Eldon Hole – Sunday 17 February 2013
Ann Soulsby, Martyn Grayson, Jess Eades, Simon Mee, Mark Rushton, Michelle Ping, Cara Allinson, Phil Wolstenhome & 2 Notts Uni

Jess and I packed the ropes before breakfast. I packed for South Gully and Jess packed for the East Wall - Mark packed ropes for Millers Chamber. As I was changed first I headed off up with the ropes for my route. I managed to get to the ledge without anyone following me and watched on in amusement as Simon kicked the cornice of snow down onto Jess.

I was just rigging the second bolt on the ledge when Martyn dropped down and indicated that I had missed one of the bolts. Luckily he managed to rig it for me making a tension traverse line while I carried on rigging. He then let Dave from Notts Uni follow me down, as he was off to rig Millers Chamber. I carried onto to the bottom and stood talking to Jess while the others came down. Once they had all disappeared into Millers Chamber we started to have a play going up and down the various routes.

Cara was really pleased with the practice as last time she had been to Eldon she had a problem with the devi and it had put her off. She is now quite happy with Eldon Hole and went down and up twice.

Just before the Millers Chamber lot re-appeared Jess and Martyn de-rigged a couple of the routes and we headed off back to the cars to warm up. Martyn fed me healthy food bananas, apples and dried fruit while we waited for the others to appear. We all then headed back to the Chapel for left over hot soup and bread.