Eldon Hole - Ann Soulsby

Sunday, 24 May, 2015

Present: Alex Crow, Roy Rogers & Ann Soulsby

Decided to kill two birds with one stone. Roy wanted to have a look at the new Buttered Badger / Eldon dig and we are in the process of checking rope lengths for the Crewe Rigging Guide. Roy rigged the East Wall and was followed down by Alex. I went down last and we squirmed down the muddy hole into the massive chamber. We encountered a hive of industry, Katie and Rob Eavis were busy completing a survey whilst the diggers were busy shoring up a nice shaft just like Rowter Hole. Whilst shoring was going on rocks were hurled out and onto the pile just under the route to Miller’s Chamber.

Roy helped Rob rig the rope up into Miller’s Chamber and then we decided to exit. Roy went out first and I chatted to the digging team while I was waiting to de-rig. I de-rigged leaving all the knots in so that we could measure the ropes back at the Chapel.