Devonshire Cavern - Ann Soulsby

Saturday, 15 August, 2015

Present: Ann Soulsby, Alan Brentnall, Roy Rodgers & Sam Hough

The planned trip was Bagshawe but we didn't think dipping Sam into the Dungeon would be the best start to his SRT training so we headed off to sunny Matlock.

After getting changed we embarked on the slog up the hills of Matlock which give incredible views from the top. Once inside the cave we headed up the slope to Hells Well where I proceeded to try and dress Sam while Alan rigged the pitch. It is not easy kitting someone else up when only used to doing it for yourself!

Once the pitch was rigged Alan instructed Sam how to rig his stop and abseil down the pitch. I was left at the top to help Sam complete this procedure. Alan then reversed the procedure and showed Sam how to prussic, going back down to help him at the bottom. I once again helped him off at the top. This was repeated once more and then Alan went to have a look at the opposite pitch.

This proved to be more problematic than envisaged to rig. Alan had to use a spit and was still unsure about rigging the Y hang so Roy took over. Once rigged Sam went down and up the pitch mainly left to his own devices. A very quick learner!