TSG 15

  • Dumble Hole Swallet
  • An Abortive Early 18th Century Trial Seeking Lead Ore in the Blue John Mine and Cavern, Castleton
  • Blue John Caverns
  • One Approach to Learning the Gentle Art of SRT - A Drama in Many Parts
  • The Main Rising Dives, Speedwell Cavern
  • Two Dives in the Halfway House Series, Speedwell Cavern
  • The Secret Sump Enigma, Speedwell Cavern
  • Far Sump Extensions, Peak Cavern
  • The East Canal, Giants Hole
  • Searching for the Dowel System: Dowel Dale Side Pot
  • Windy Knoll: The Continuing Saga
  • Turtles Head Cave
  • How to Rub Kevin's Nose in it Again!
  • Some Guidelines for the Use of Pellets as a Means of Persuasion
  • The Alternative Technology of Tom Proctor
  • Pulling Through from the Tanne Du Bel Espoir - Grotte De La Diau
  • Information on the Tanne Du Espoir to Grotte De La Diau Trip
  • Traversing the PSM - August 1995
  • Organisational and Practical Details
  • Trou Du Glaz - Grotte Annette
  • Reseau De La Dent De Crolles - Summer 1996
  • P40 to Guiers Mort by the Classic Route
  • P40 - Guiers Mort via the Classic Way - A Tourist View
  • Trou Du Glaz to Guiers Mort
  • Canyoning: Caving in the Sun
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