TSG 12

  • The Clay Chamber Dig, Nicker Grove Mine
  • The "Fireset Shaft", Eyam
  • Eyam Dale House Cave
  • Far Sump Extension (Peak Cavern)
  • Lay-by Pot Drilling Project
  • Razor Blade Aven, Peak Cavern
  • A Small Improvement to the Wind Tunnel Squeeze
  • Main Rising, Speedwell Cavern 1985/6
  • New Emergency Depots the Peak Cavern System
  • Eyam Square Shaft No1
  • Silly Little Sumps in Peak Cavern
    • Galena Chamber
    • Surprise View Sump
  • Main Rising 1986
  • Review; "The Peak Cavern System - a Caver's Guide"
  • Notes on "Eccentric Excursions (GM. Woodward)"
  • List of Publications Available
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