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TSG 18


  • Index of Surveys & Maps
  • Editorial
  • Erratum: Donatella’s Aven, Peak Cavern
  • Erratum: TSG 16
  • Seebackroscope Aven
  • Martindale Oxbow, Peak Cavern
  • Galena Chamber Aven, Peak Cavern
  • The Ink Sump / Doom’s Retreat Project, Peak Cavern
  • NCC Shafts, Main Stream Inlet, Peak Cavern
  • White Feather Aven, Far Sump, Peak Cavern
  • The Titan Dye Test
  • Left Hand Branch, Far Sump, Peak Cavern
  • The Donatella’s Aven Extensions, Peak Cavern
  • Second Look Passage, Coral Aven, Far Sump Extension, Peak Cavern
  • Window Aven and Puttrell’s Aven, Peak Cavern
  • Surprise View Sump, Peak Cavern
  • Peak Cavern; Destination Dirtlow?
  • The Descent to Titan
  • The Backend of Little Bull Pit Swallet
  • P7 Swallet, Perryfoot Farm, Derbyshire
  • Some Sumps in Blue John Caverns
  • Bagshawe Resurgence Cave (Bradwell); Recent Progress
  • Jackson’s Hole Mine Shaft, Castleton
  • The Descent of Nall Grove Mine Shaft, How Grove, Dirtlow Rake
  • Shaft on New Rake
  • How the Technical Speleological Group (TSG) was formed
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TSG 17


  • Inscriptions in Peak and Speedwell Caverns - A bit of Historical Research
  • The Day of the Titan
  • The Lake Passage Ramp Dig, Peak Cavern
  • James Hall - The Dry Way
  • Dowel Dale Side Pot - The Breakthrough
  • DDSP - A different perspective
  • So Where is Dowell Dale Side Pot?
  • Diving in Dowel Dale Side Pot
  • Bagshawe Resurgence Cave - A Brief History of Diving Activities
  • A Flood in Daren Cilau
  • Experience Jordan
  • The Italian Job - Caving in Le Reseau de Piaggia Bella!
  • Description of the Piaggia Bella
  • Fontainebleau
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TSG 16
  • Dumble Hole Swallet
  • Peak Cavern - Some Hydrological Notes
  • Dowel Dale Side Pot: - Progress and Excavation Methods
  • No Accountin' For Folk
  • EMT Aven: The Story So Far
  • An Enforced Night in Peak Cavern
  • OFD Made Simple
  • Kaninchenh?hle 1997
  • The Gunong Mulu National Park, Sarawak
  • It's Not Easy Being a Parent
  • The Longest Cave in France
  • Corsican Journal
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