Covid-19 Management at The Chapel

9th August 2021

The following guidance applies to all Chapel users

  • Hands - Face - Space. Chapel users are asked to continue to exercise caution and consideration for other users. Respect the right of people to have personal space and continue to wear face coverings inside if they wish.
  • Clean / sanitize hands and surface contact points regularly.
  • Keep windows open when the building is occupied to allow for better ventilation.
  • It is recommended that you take a free Lateral Flow Test before coming to stay or use the Chapel.
  • You may be at increased risk of catching Covid-19 at the Chapel. Consider waiting until you are fully vaccinated before coming to stay or use the Chapel.
  • Track and Trace - please use either the NHS app to check in (QR code available) or write your contact details and dates of visit on your payment envelope when paying your hut fees.

Day Visits

Day visits for both members and non-members return to pre-pandemic arrangements. Members no longer have to pre-book in via a Google Form, but must complete the signing-in book in the kitchen. Non-members book in via the Hut Bookings Secretary unless accompanying a member, in which case they would sign in and pay in the kitchen. Day fees are payable by cash or card for all visits. There are no specific restrictions on numbers in the Chapel, however very large groups are still not desired at this time. The monthly door code emails will resume.

Member Overnights

Member overnights are permitted without restrictions on numbers. You will need to book in via a Google Form (link supplied via email) so that other members can see how many people are also staying before they make a decision about whether they wish to stay or not. The choice about staying in a room with others is a personal one, we are not restricting the bunkroom to a single household or bubble. For guidance, the members bunkroom has a space for 6 people allowing for some sensible spacing between users. If you are planning on staying in the non-members bunkroom because the members one is already occupied, do not forget to check the bookings calendar on the website. If non-members are booked in, you should contact the Hut Bookings Secretary or the non-members themselves to determine if the group is happy to have someone outside their group share the space. Do not assume that they will be, and we must respect any arrangements that the Hut Bookings Secretary has made with the group already.

Non-Member Overnights

These are once again permitted. All bookings must go through the Hut Bookings Secretary via the link provided below. The non-members bunkroom has a maximum capacity of 16. This might be fully utilised for a single group booking, or reduced to allow some space between two smaller bookings. Although we do not offer sole use of the bunkroom unless booking a significant proportion of the 16 beds, we will reduce occupancy numbers when more than one group is using the shared bunkroom. The Hut Bookings Secretary will inform anyone who enquires or who has booked if any other groups are staying and facilitate any necessary discussion between those parties.

Non-member booking enquiries:

Website bookings calendar: