Peakshole Sough - Alan Brentnall

Tuesday, 23 February, 2016

As Ann has already described in an earlier post, I joined her and and Kevin Francis for a trip into the sough the previous Wednesday, so I could have an idea of what the place was like, and what an interesting venue it is too. And popular too, judging by the twelve who turned up at the Chapel this evening to join in this midweek trip.

I picked up the key from Peak Cavern earlier in the day when I was driving over to Burbage for a bit of fell running with Alison. In the evening I met up with the other eleven and we went into the Sough. Phil had said he might join us, and it's a pity he couldn't make it, because there will have been things we will have missed for sure. None-the-less, we still had a very interesting trip, taking in all the bits of the cartgate level before heading up the ladders to Wall Shaft.

Following through the lowering passage to field shaft, we descended to Jim's dig and explored all the leads we could find (although one particular flat-out, wet ducky passage did deter us, but I'm sure we'll be back again for that!). Returning to the ladders, Chris, Jess and I climbed into Upper Pipe just above the top ladder, near Wall Shaft, and explored these workings to two dead ends.

Back in the lower cartgate, we climbed up into Lower Pipe to look at the workings there, including what Bernie identified as a small vein of blende. Back at the Chapel, and later in the Nag's, all agreed that it had been an interesting trip.